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见证一宗交通事故(Eye-witness Account of a Traffic Accident)

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  yesterday afternoon,i happened to witness a terrible traffic accident on my way home from school. it was 5:30 p.m.,i was riding my favorite giant back home. when i got to the last crossing on the golden lion street,the red light was on. so i applied the brakes,along with a long queue of vehicles waiting to pass.

  just at that moment,a heavy-load truck with earth roared forward at my side and bumped against a private accord of honda travelling eastbound. as a result,the windshield of the lorry was broken into pieces and its driver got fatally wounded on the head on the steering wheel. the driver of the accord and his girlfriend,the only passenger in the car,only got minor injuries,but his car lost its rear axel and two wheels and was totally dead.

  as for the cause of the accident,i think the driver of the lorry should be held responsible: the light was red then; he should have stopped and waited. it was he who had broken the traffic regulations. in addition,the bad weather was part of the cause. it was drizzling then,and the road was quite slippery. finally,drunk driving was probably an important factor. as the police discovered on the spot,there was a heavy alcoholic smell on the dead body of the lorry driver.


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  • 见证一宗交通事故(Eye-witness Account of a Traffic Accident)
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